Minor Entrepreneurship

The minor entrepreneurship educates students to become motivated entrepreneurs or enterprising employees. The education is competence oriented, with in mind that attitude is at least as important as knowledge and skill. We want to help students as much as possible to discover their own passions and talents. In a demand-driven learning environment students are trained to determine and realize their own goals. At the end of the semester you will use an assessment to prove to two teachers you are competent in the learning goals you have set in the beginning of the minor. During the minor you can start your own company or execute a project. From the very first day you will be:
- Creating an authentic concept that suits you. (wow)
- Finding out if there is a market to be found or to be created. (pow)
- Devising a strategy to complete your objectives. (how)
- Recruiting customers, sponsors and suppliers. (now)

Our Tools: Dropbox and Google Calendar

Students can share their business plan, PDP and other evidence with the teachers of the minor by using Dropbox. Teachers share material trough the same dropbox account, for example: lecture material, assessment planning and other relevant documents and schedules. On the deadline before the assessments all dropbox links will be shut down and the normal way of delivering pieces for students will stop.
Sharing calendars makes it easier to make appointments with the people you work with. A useful function for planning purposes are meetings at suitable times for everybody. At first you need to subscribe to the nhl.minorondernemen calendar. First login on the nhl.ondernemen account, then go to settings. If you have a subscription, continue to login with your own account on Google Calendar. From there you can place appointments in the shared Nhl ondernemen calendar. This calendar is also shared with students. How is Calendar used? Teachers put peer appointments, guest lectures and lectures on Google calendar. Students can not adjust these items, they can observe them. The calendar is designed to stick to the plan.